Is There a Long Term Answer to the Short Term Vacation Rental Problem?

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The debate over short term vacation rentals in the city of San Diego has been going on for years now.  As Airbnb and others like them have grown so has the controversy over what homeowners should be able to do with their homes.

There is no easy answer to the debate because both sides have arguments that at least in part are seen as making sense.

Should homeowners have the right to rent out their homes for these vacationers?

And if so.. how long and how often?

Should homeowners who don’t want their neighborhoods negatively affected by temporary visitors coming and going have the right to limit them or even ban them in some areas?

Should investors who buy homes to rent them be allowed to do what they want?

How would increased short term vacation rentals affect housing prices?

How would increased short term vacation rentals affect the local economy?

And then at San Diego City Hall, what can and should council members to make everyone happy?  Is it even possible?

With the city attorney having raised legal questions about the proposals being thrown out there, everything is now on hold when it comes to short term vacation rentals in San Diego.

 And that may not be a bad thing for a while.  Because we all know that sometimes inaction by government is better than the wrong action.

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