How Secure is the President's Plan for a Border Wall?

Border Wall Prototypes 10News

It was one of the issues he talked about during virtually every one of his campaign rallies.  The wall.

Candidate Donald Trump said from the start of his campaign that if he were elected president, he would build a wall along the Mexican border and he would make it one of the first things he did when he got to the White House.

Talking about building the wall obviously created a lot of attention and controversy but the President didn’t wait long after his inauguration to sign an order that began the process of building the wall.

And as we saw this week, that process has moved forward since then as the president’s order was carried out, requests for bids were sent out and eight samples of a border wall have been constructed and now stand just a short distance from the Mexican border on San Diego and U.S. land.

And so now everyone wants to know, what happens next.  As you heard the President’s head of the U.S border patrol say. That while the testing and evaluation of the prototypes of the wall will now begin and go on for a few months, what happens after that is not certain.

The border chief said it will take a lot of money to build the wall and until Congress decides to fund the President’s wall, the wall will remain what it is now, eight samples in our backyard.

With the partisan fights going on in Washington and the in-fighting going on inside the Republican Party, the president is clearly facing a wall of opposition that could result in his plan for building the wall to come tumbling down. 

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