Dressing Up Politicians for Halloween

Halloween at White House  Getty Images

The American Retail Federation is out with its list of the most popular costumes for adults for Halloween.

The top ten includes a witch, any Batman character, an animal, a pirate, Captain America, a vampire, a zombie, Wonder Woman, a Star Wars character and for those with no sense of taste, a Slasher movie villain.

Unlike last Halloween, politician masks are not as popular this year.

But what if politicians had to dress up for Halloween?

Here’s a list of what some people might want to suggest that certain well known politicians be for this Halloween.

How about San Diego Mayor Faulconer getting into costume as a homeless person?

Governor Brown could be a gas station attendant

And former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger would look good dressed up as the recreation director at a retirement home.

Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, could dress up like the keeper of a zoo

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer would make a good zombie

And Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell should probably dress up like a bullseye

And when it comes to President Trump, a lot of Democrats and a lot of Republicans, for different reasons, may like him to dress up like anybody else.

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