Putting a Spotlight on Sexual Harassment

Harvey Weinstein and Women   Getty Images

Every day now it seems another man in a current or past position of power finds himself in trouble or accused of one or more incidents that deal with allegations of sexual harassment or sexual assault.

The case of Hollywood big shot Harvey Weinstein opened the floodgates with a tidal wave of accusations by women in multiple industries.

A lot of these cases have involved male executives in high profile media related businesses. The movie business, the television business, the music business, the news business.

And that probably has helped bring a spotlight to a problem that has gone on in a variety of industries.

More attention clearly has been needed on the problem of men with power or influence treating women who are looking to succeed as sex objects to use for their own self-gratification.

Men who thought they could keep getting away with it are now learning, maybe not.

And women who have not wanted to come forward are now learning that if they don't come forward, there is little chance it will end.

But things do appear to be changing.  It is a sad commentary that some of these guys deny they did anything wrong and if they did, they say it wasn’t that big a deal because it was just the way things were then.

Well it shouldn’t be the way things are. That doesn’t mean it will never happen again because some people will always do bad things. 

But with the consequences now very clear as to what it can mean to the men who do it…and with the women who are victims no longer staying silent, maybe the dirty little secret of the casting couch mentality will finally fade out of existence.

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