The 5 Ways to Get Things Done

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Do you do a To Do list?  Pretty much everybody does.  It may be in your phone or maybe on a small note pad or calendar or maybe in a daily journal.

And many of us are great at doing really great To Do lists.

But if you ask, most people they probably would say they wish they were able to do more of the things on their list.

Well, there’s a new report out that may help you get more done on your To Do lists.

I found it at  The 5 ways to have a more productive morning and thus get more things done on your To Do list each day.

First thing to do they say is get up early.  And go to bed sooner, so you get enough sleep.  One study found that people who preferred to go to sleep late had more negative thinking. And research shows sleep helps problem solving.

Secondly, clear your mind of the clutter by meditating or praying.

Thirdly exercise early. A morning workout can make everything after it seem easier because it can reduce stress and improve your memory and thinking skills.

The fourth thing is to eat a high protein breakfast, and avoid the carbs so you have more energy.

And finally, handle your toughest thing on your To Do list first. Instead of putting it off—as a lot of us do—deal with it right away.

So there you have it. The five things to do to help you do your To Do List.  Now the trick is doing them.



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