What It Means to Respect the Military

Veterans Day 10News

Seems like Veterans Day in 2017 is a little different. It certainly seems to be getting more attention this year.

That's probably at least in part due to questions being asked on talk shows and elsewhere that relate to the take the knee protests by some NFL players.

You hear what a lot of people have said about it. That not standing for the playing of the National Anthem shows a disrespect for the flag and for those serving in the military.

The president has said it and he's said it several times pointing to those who have died defending our country and how disrespectful it is to our military men and women not to stand for the national anthem.

So people have begun to examine what it means when you say you support the military or when you say you support the troops.

Does that mean at all costs and does it mean you support the military no matter what?

Does it mean protests like the ones in the NFL show no gratitude to the military for keeping us free?

Does it mean protests like the ones in the NFL are a symbol of the freedom we have because of those in the military?  The debate is likely to continue.

But with Veterans Day this weekend let's just make sure everybody remembers and honors the sacrifices these military men and women have made for their country and for each of us.




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