The Latest Shooting: Finding a Rational Answer to Irrational Actions

Tehama County California Shooting November 14 2017

Tehama County California Shooting November 14 2017

Once again, it has happened.  A man with apparent mental health problems grabs his guns and kills innocent people.

Neighbors of the guy who killed four people and wounded 10 others this week up in a small rural community in Northern California described him as being crazy.

Law enforcement knew this guy could be trouble and had shown signs of violence and irrational behavior in the past.

He was arrested last January on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon in a case that involved a female neighbor, who was among those found dead in the shooting rampage this week.  The woman had a restraining order against the guy.

Thankfully the quick action of a parent of a child at the elementary school and the school’s quick action to put the school on a secure lockdown helped save lives.

He was a shooter who was armed with extra ammunition and wanted to kill more people including kids in that school.

Once again a guy who is clearly not stable and obviously could become enraged easily and threaten others, is able to get what sheriff’s officials described as a semi-automatic weapon and kill innocent people.

It’s happened now near a school in a tiny community in California, it’s happened at a tiny church in a small town in Texas and sadly, it has happened in many different places.

People are asking again will it ever end?  Because evil exists in the world, it probably will never end completely. 

But the answer to the question people are asking every time this happens will maybe force us to find effective and sensible ways to make sure it doesn’t happen as often.

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