The Then and Now of Sexual Harassment

Southern California march against sexual harassment

Every so often, former San Diego mayor Bob Filner pops back up in the news.

There he was on the front page of the Union Tribune.  Filner was there because the story of what he did and what happened to him four years ago is the story that is playing out in the news these days almost every day.

The accusations made against Filner in 21013 by nearly 20 women who described him groping or kissing them are now the kind of accusations that have become daily news in 2017.

You might say the scandal with the former mayor of San Diego was ahead of its time and destined to be a foreshadowing of what was to come.

Men in powerful positions accused of sexually harassing or assaulting women.

The Union Tribune’s lead story Sunday featured photos of 30 men who have been accused in recent weeks and months of sexual harassment or assault.  And the caption on the photo of the 30 faces indicated it was just some of the men who have been accused of improper sexual advances or behavior.

The list includes men in entertainment , business and of course politics, and they cross party lines what with the accusations President Trump faced during the campaign and Roy Moore in Alabama does now and former President Bill Clinton faced years ago and Senator Al Franken does now.

Most of the incidents they’re accused of go back years but just like in Bob Filner’s case, it took one or two victims to decide to come forward to tell what happened.

It’s become very clear that things are changing in the culture, and that something that was once not talked about, and even accepted, is now the lead story.

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