How to Reduce the Traffic Problem

So now that we know for sure what we already suspected, what do we do about it?

The report that came out the other day that confirmed that traffic congestion is now worse in the San Diego area than it used to be.

Not that it was a big surprise because anyone who drives in traffic every day already knows traffic has become worse.

The stories about the San Diego Association of Governments report suggest that a better economy since the lingering effects of the 2008 recession have meant there are more people with jobs and that means more people on the freeways going to and from their jobs.

Imagine how much worse traffic would be if there were as many people moving to California as there used to be.  The high cost of housing has slowed that down as more people in recent times have been leaving California for states like Texas where the cost for housing is much less.

So what‘s being done about dealing with the growing traffic problem? 

The governor says the gas tax increase will help pay for more roads and more mass transit.  But critics say that won’t help and that’s why our own Carl DeMaio is leading an effort to get rid of the gas tax.

And then there are the mass transit promoters who push for greater use of that.  And then there are the city planners who talk about creating urban villages, going to flexible work shifts or allowing employees to work from home so people don’t have to drive as much.

Some of that may help, but in the end, when it comes to making traffic less stressful…the answer may just be…more patience.

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