What Young and Old Drivers Have in Common

Senior Drivers Report Triple A

We all know there are all kinds of drivers on the road.  Good drivers and bad drivers.  Fast drivers and slow drivers.  Careful drivers and reckless drivers.  And young drivers and old drivers.

And then there are smart drivers and not so smart drivers.

Which brings us to that new and helpful report from the Triple A about certain drivers. Seniors.

The Automobile Association’s Foundation for Traffic Safety says close to 90 percent of older drivers do not make the inexpensive additions to their vehicles that can improve their safety, reduce injuries and extend their time behind the wheel.

Seniors 65 and over are more than twice as likely as younger drivers to be killed when involved in a crash.  So the Triple A has launched a campaign to make seniors aware of what they can do to make their vehicles safer.   Things that don’t cost much but not doing them could cost lives.

They include such things as cushions and seat pads, steering wheel covers, pedal extensions and additional mirrors.

The advice from the Triple A is for seniors but it’s a good reminder for drivers of any age to remember that driving is not a right, but a privilege.

And with that…comes the responsibility to do the things that help make you a better driver and not the things that will make you a worse driver.

So if you’re listening to this in your car right now and you have your cellphone in your hand, put it down.  Every other driver will appreciate it.

(Photo AAA)



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