How to Prevent Santa Ana Fires

Brush Fire

Brush Fire

When it comes to getting your holiday shopping done in time. we usually don’t have to worry about the weather this time of year getting in the way or slowing us down.

It’s different in many areas back east where snow storms and freezing temperatures can spoil plans for holiday shopping and holiday get togethers.

We may not have to worry about that kind of weather here in San Diego. 

But we do have to deal with a strong Santa Ana weather condition this week.  We’ve had this kind of weather in December before, almost every year at least a day or two of it.

But with this Santa Ana predicted to be here pretty much all week long, the very dry and very windy weather can cause problems, such as we’ve already seen up in Ventura County where a lot of San Diegans spend time during the holidays.

That’s why fire officials don’t want us getting complacent about the Santa Ana this week because it’s not hot.  When it’s very dry and very windy and someone accidentally or recklessly starts a small fire it doesn’t need hot weather to make it spread quickly.

The local fire agencies are prepared and are good at what they do, very good at it. 

But the best way to prevent small fires from becoming big fires during a Santa Ana especially, is not to let them start.

If everyone keeps that in mind, we can get through this week without any wildfires that can turn a happy holiday season into an unhappy one.

(Photo C. Albert)

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