Is It Time for Christmas Yet??

Christmas Nativity Getty Images

When’s Christmas coming?  A lot of people may be asking that question these days with what seems like a lot of bad news going on.

And the chaos that’s been going on for much of this year.  Think about it.

From the wildfires now and the ones before them in Northern California, to three big hurricanes that devastated areas from Texas to the Virgin Islands.  From the mass shootings at a small church in a tiny town and another outside a huge hotel in Las Vegas to a mad man in North Korea threatening to use nuclear weapons on us.  From the misconduct by so many men against so women to San Diego’s homeless and hepatitis crisis to our deep political divide…this year may go down as one of the most chaotic in years.

All of this that’s been going on is enough to put the Grinch out of business when it comes to trying to ruin Christmas.

But just as the Grinch learned, you can’t stop Christmas no matter what is going on. Some might think it could damage the feeling and meaning of the holidays but it won’t.

Christmas will come as it does every year.  And we will celebrate the peace and joy that it brings. And the sooner the better.

Because this year, we certainly can use the spirit of Christmas to bring us some good news.  

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