Kylie Rowand Foundation

iHeartMedia recognizes The Kylie Rowand Foundation as our December Share The Good recipient for their work in helping children and families affected by cancer.  The organization is dedicated to raising money and awareness for new, promising, less toxic treatments for childhood cancer. They strive to make the lives of the patients and family members a little less stressful by helping support their needs and struggles. 

The Kylie Rowand Foundation was inspired by a two year old little girl, named Kylie. She fought stage 4 neuroblastoma courageously for 13 months, but in February of 2015 it took her life. During Kylie’s battle, she infectiously gained support, prayer, and love by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Together as an army, they prayed and hoped for Kylie to one day be able to announce she was cancer free and start living her life. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Now that team, works to finish Kylie’s fight by spreading awareness, raising funds, and supporting one another with love, to find a cure for children like Kylie.

In Kylies 2 short years of life, she managed to change the lives of over 275 thousand people! Kylie taught us what life is really, courage, strength, bravery, and appreciation of the little things. Because of Kylie the organization fights for other children, while continuing to spread her love around the world!

LOVE LIKE KYLIE - The Love Like Kylie Program is dedicated to spreading LOVE, just like Kylie did. This may come in different forms, shapes and sizes. As a foundation, it's important for us to spread LOVE the way Kylie did.

RESEARCH - Our research program is our sole focus. The majority of our funds is directed to Neuroblastoma research, at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC. To date, the KRF has donated $150,000 to research!

DONATE - Together, we can make a difference! Our foundation is 100% Volunteer based so every dollar you donate goes directly to our programs and research.

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