Predicting Winter Weather in California

Rainbow C. Albert

If you’re old enough to may remember that old song about how it never rains in Southern California but when it does it pours.

The song might have popped into your head watching the TV weather people last night as they described the heavy rain we got last night.

Heavy rain if you compare it to no rain.  Obviously, it wasn’t heavy rain with the rainfall totals from last night under a half an inch.

But when you go through a long period when it hasn’t rained, then a little rain can feel like heavy rain and feel like it’s pouring.

The rain we did have certainly is welcome after a year that will go down as the worst when it comes to the number of serious wildfires here in California.

With today being the first day of winter, having any rain is good news.

And how quickly things can change in a year. Last winter in California we had record rainfall and record snow packs.

But it doesn’t sound like a repeat of that this winter.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has predicted that the winter months in California will have equal chances of normal, below normal and above normal rain.

In other words this winter….anything could happen.  So while you’re singing about a white Christmas this year (if you’re heading back east for the holidays), keep hoping for a WET winter here in California.

After the year of the wildfires, we’d probably all be a lot happier in the new year if when it rained, it at least poured a little bit.



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