Suffering from Flu Phobia?

Flu Vaccine Getty Images

The holidays may be over but for a lot of people, there is a lingering after effect from all that getting together with family and friends.

It has nothing to do with maybe the political arguments you had that you promised yourself you would be sure to avoid.

It was more about the thing you may not have been able to avoid.

That’s because that “thing” happens when you do the things we all do during the holidays, like shaking hands, giving hugs and sharing toasts.

The “thing” is catching a cold or the flu.

And with the flu season we’re having this year so far, it’s not hard to be exposed to cold and flu germs.

Chances are someone at your holiday parties was a no show because of the flu and some who were there may have already been getting the flu and didn’t know it.

And because of that maybe you are like some of the rest of us who chose not to go some places to reduce your risk of getting the flu by avoiding crowds of people right now.

Health officials say the first line of defense is getting a flu shot.  It may not guarantee you won’t get the flu, but it is said to lessen the impact and that’s why it is a good idea to get the shot.

Even so, that doesn’t mean you won’t be seeing evidence of what a lot of people may be feeling and doing these days.  Feeling so worried about getting the flu that you do all you can to avoid others at all times.

You may avoid getting the flu…but you won’t be able to avoid a widespread condition this winter season….flu phobia.



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