Lesson to be Learned from a Nightmarish Dog Attack

Pit Bull Dog Getty Images

It looks like that 75 year old man who was savagely bitten by two put bulls last weekend will survive but he will have lived through a real life nightmare.

Walking along El Cajon Boulevard near College last Sunday evening, he was suddenly attacked by the two dogs and suffered bites down to the bone.

And now we know that one of the two dogs had bitten someone before. 

According to the report from County Animal Control, it happened a little over a year ago.  And then just three months ago, the dog was impounded as a stray.

The dog was microchipped and that’s how they found it and the other pit bull, both running around loose in National City.

Now animal control says both dogs are expected to be euthanized within a couple of weeks unless their owner fights it.

It’s going to take a lot longer for the 75 year old man who was attacked by the dogs to heal, physically and emotionally.

And maybe this latest dog biting incident will lead to tougher laws that lead to more responsible dog owners that lead to fewer people being bitten by dangerous animals.

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