San Diego County Doesn't Make Cut for 2nd Amazon Headquarters

Amazon has narrowed its search for a second headquarters city to 20 locations and the San Diego region is not on the list. Los Angeles is the only West Coast city to make the cut.

The San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation headed up the proposal to Amazon for four possible locations for the company's 2nd headquarters in the county. It issued a statement following the announcement saying in part: "We knew that this would be a long-shot based on geography and incentive options, but we also know that as a region, San Diego can most definitely compete with others in terms of talent, entrepreneurship, innovation and quality of life. 

Most of the locations still in the running are concentrated mostly in the East and the Midwest. Toronto made the list as well Tuesday, keeping the company's international options open. 

Other contenders include: Boston; New York; Washington; Chicago; Indianapolis and Columbus, Ohio.

Photo Credit: Getty Images


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