New Rules for Animals in the Sky

Delta Airlines Plane LAX Getty Images

The once friendly skies are about to get friendlier for passengers who don’t like flying with animals.  And those who like to bring their emotional support or comfort animals on board with them are not going to like it.

Delta Airlines’ announcement the other today about the kind of animals you can and cannot bring with you on a plane is expected to be followed by more airlines doing the same thing.

Delta says that unless your animal is well-trained and has the proper document, as of March 1st, you can’t bring them on board with you.

As the report by Conde Nast Traveler put it this week:

Trained animals behave pretty well, but Delta says untrained animals have caused "multiple incidents"—urination, defecation, and the odd bite, basically stuff that doesn't exactly make travelers feel warm and fuzzy.

According to the report, these kinds of incidents involving dogs and other so-called emotional support animals, including cats, turkeys, ducks, possums and even snakes have increased more than 85 percent in the last couple of years and the airline says enough is enough.

While some of their customers are sure to bark about it, it will clearly please the vast majority of passengers, many of whom have become tired of feeling at times as if they’re flying on Noah’s Ark!

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