The Future of Football on the Eve of the "Big Game"

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Did you ever imagine that in the days before Super Bowl Sunday, which has become almost like a holiday in America, there would be serious talk about getting rid of football?

Since concerns began intensifying a few years ago about the dangers to the brains of NFL players, there is now serious talk by some, to outlaw the sport of football from Pop Warner on…with some saying it leads to too many injuries that lead to more serious injuries that can even lead to the deaths we’ve seen among some NFL players.

So with all this talk, it wasn’t a surprise that at the annual conference the other day of USA Football, the N.F.L.-funded national governing body for the sport, playing football was being strongly defended.

According to the report on the conference in the New York Times, former NFL coaches and players and others had a message for about a thousand youth and high school football coaches:  Tell parents that what doctors and others say about the dangers of football for their kids is overblown….that the benefits of playing football and being part of a team and the discipline kids learn…far outweigh the risks,

Even U.S Senator Marco Rubio was there, whose son plays youth football.

Rubio was quoted as saying that football “does come with some risk, but you know what else comes with some risk?  Life.”

And the president of the Pro Football Hall of Fame told the conference: “If we lose football, we lose a lot of America.”

So while you’re huddling up in front of the TV Sunday with your guacamole and chips to watch the Eagles and Patriots go at it, think about it, what would life be like without football and the Super Bowl?

So do you think football should be banned?  Leave your comment below.

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