A David and Goliath Super Bowl

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles  Getty Images

All the talk going into the Super Bowl sounded like it was going to be a David and Goliath story. And maybe it was.

A team with an unproven young quarterback who had never played in a Super Bowl would be facing the mighty New England Patriots with the giant of all NFL quarterbacks.

How many people really thought the Philadelphia Eagles had a serious chance? How many people really thought that a young guy named Nick Foles would out-perform Hall of Fame bound Tom Brady?  And how many savvy football fans thought 2nd year head coach Doug Pederson would out-coach the guy considered the smartest coach in the NFL in Bill Belichick?

And yet the arm of Nick Foles was as accurate as that young shepherd boy’s sling was thousands of years ago.  And the footballs Nick threw consistently hit their target just as David’s stone did when it hit that Philistine giant in the Biblical account.

But maybe it’s not surprising at all how things turned out on the Super Bowl battlefield Sunday.

In the days before the game, the Eagles quarterback talked a lot about his plans for after football….his plans to become a pastor and why he wants to do it.  Something, he says, that he has wanted to be since playing high school football in Austin Texas. 

As Foles told reporters…”there are a lot of things that are thrown at young people these days, so much temptation in the world, so much going on with social media and the internet, you want to address it and share all the weaknesses I have because I’ve fallen many times.”

Just like that shepherd boy who no one knew before defeating Goliath, Nick Foles has now made a name for himself, and he’s clearly a man on a mission.

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