Watching the Headlines and Controversies at Olympics


So the Winter Olympics are about to begin, something many Americans look forward to.  It’s the chance to watch some of the world’s greatest athletes doing some of the most amazing things.

And the Winter games give us a chance to see some competitions we only can see at the winter games, such as bobsledding and curling.

There will be ecstatic winners and heartbroken losers and there will be stories during the Olympics that we can’t even predict.

But as the Winter Olympics begin, there are already plenty of headlines. 

A quick scan on line includes these for instance….

Protecting an Olympics in North Korea’s Nuclear Shadow

Massive Security Measures in Place as Games Begin

VP Pence Says Report on Spat with Gay Figure Skater is #FakeNews.

Moscow Awaits Ruling on Olympic Appeals

Norovirus Cases Spreading with illnessses doubling.

Stay Away Fear, as Deep Freeze Threatens to Scare Off Fans.

Yes, even the unusually cold winter weather is making news and stirring controversy at the Winter Olympics.

But then what would an Olympics be without controversy?

So as you prepare to watch the Winter Olympics, get ready for the headlines, the drama and the controversy…. and enjoy!

(Photo credit Getty Images)



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