Is Another California Drought Coming Already?

Mammoth Mountain California  Getty Images

It hasn’t been hard to notice a lot of people still are putting fake lawns in.  During the drought , which seems like it just ended, it wasn’t surprising, but you still keep seeing more fake lawns going on.  Maybe they’ve noticed what a lot of state climate experts have been worrying about lately. Is it really possible we are headed for another drought already?

The evidence so far is worrying a lot of people.  Rainfall amounts here in Southern California are well below normal and January and February are supposed to be the wettest months.  We’ve had a little rain, but the emphasis is clearly on little. 

Up in Northern California, snow pack levels are looking like they were during the worst of the most recent drought.  About 21 percent of normal for this time of year they say.  That’s down from 182 percent of normal a year ago for the snow pack.

A long range forecaster for the Atmospherics Group told the LA Times that ““If February joins December and January into record-setting dryness, "then California is marching into unprecedented territory, which has never been seen before in the recorded climate history."

Maybe it’s time to do what one ski resort’s recorded message line says.. Think snowy thoughts.”  Or think about one of those fake lawns.

(Photo credit Getty Images)


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