WATCH: Ex-FBI Agent After School Shooting: "We Cannot Accept This"


Just two hours after the high school shooting in Parkland Florida, the school superintendent said that they did all they can at the school to make sure the students and staff are safe, yet he said, you pray every day that a shooting won’t ever happen there.  

But tragically it did, despite the drills, the security and the prayers at that high school.  And now that this Valentine’s Day school massacre has happened,  and is being called the third worst school shooting in U.S. history, there are a lot of questions, many the same questions we asked the last time there was a mass shooting at a school.

And a lot of the questions are not ones with easy answers.  Questions such as….

How was the gunman, who had been expelled for disciplinary problems able to get on campus so easily when schools these days are more tightly secured?

Why didn’t anyone see the apparent violent material that what was on his social media pages?  And if they did, why didn’t one of them call the school or police about it?

Why don’t the people who run the social media sites do a better job watching out for potentially dangerous content?

Why is this school shooter and nearly all the others are young white men from troubled families or relationships?

How was a disturbed 19 year old with past behavior problems in school able to so easily purchase an A-R type rifle and multiple rounds of ammunition?

And why are there are so many more school shootings in our country compared to anywhere else?

And maybe the hardest question of all:  What are we finally going to do about it.

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Parkland Florida School Shooting 2-14-2018  Getty


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