What's Behind What to do About Mass Shootings?

Congress Response to Mass Shootings  Getty Images

If you feel like Congress and the President should do more to help prevent mass shootings in America, you’re not alone.  That new poll out today says a majority of people feel the same way.

It looks like last week’s school shooting in Florida has gotten the attention of a lot of Americans well beyond the students and the community in Parkland Florida.

The Washington Post ABC News poll found that 6 out of 10 Americans say Congress and the President are not doing enough.  The poll found that more people blame Congress (about 80 percent) than blame the President (about 60 percent). 

But when you break down the overall numbers along party lines, the survey found that while both parties say Congress is more to blame, most Democrats and Independents say President Trump isn’t doing enough while most Republicans say he is.

The new survey also found that a majority of all Americans who were asked about it say these mass shootings are more about a problem with identifying and addressing mental health issues than more gun laws.

So what does all this mean to whether Congress and the White House will do something to help prevent more tragedies like the one in Florida?

Can both sides in the debate over guns find some common ground?  Can a way be found to identify mentally ill people without violating privacy rights? Is there a way to find something that most can agree on?

It could be those students at that Florida high school will be the ones that will convince Congress and the White House to finally do something.

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