One Of The Top Donut Shops In U.S. Can Be Found In San Diego

Raised donuts

Healthy living may be essential to the Southern California lifestyle but San Diegans have embraced the deep-fried delight of donuts.  

There's a reason why so many San Diegans work out religiously.  Sure, the weather is amazing, "it's sunny and 75" most of the year and with 17 miles of beach, hundreds of parks, mountains, coastal and desert terrain, San Diegans participate in a lot of outdoor activities, but what really gets us moving is the need to work off all the fabulous food and spirits.  From the country's best Mexican food (yes, we're biased), a growing list of premiere restaurants, our own wine country and our status as the number 5 beer city in the world (according to The Beer Connoisseur), we can now add donuts to the list of things San Diego excels at.  San Diego's Donut Bar has been recognized as one of the The 31 Best Donut Shops in America by Thrillist.  

They're known for their doughy, deep-fried, deliciousness and on certain days of the week, they pair donuts with local craft beer - it's a yeast match made in heaven. No wonder Thrillist called it "The best donut joint in the whole of California."

San Diegans aren't alone in their love of donuts.  Americans consume over 10 billion donuts each year, with reporting that 192.87 million Americans consumed donuts in 2017.

Fun fact: the world record for most donuts eaten is Eric Booker, who consumed 49 glazed donuts in eight minutes!

Photo: BigStock

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