The Student Walkout and Why Things Are Different

As we get older, it’s not uncommon to swoon for the ‘good ole days’, and to say ‘things weren’t like this when we were kids’.

And sometimes it’s true.  Such as it is today as thousands of high school students nationwide do something about something that didn’t use to happen then….like it does today.

One month to the day that a gunman walked into a high school in Florida and killed 17 people, students in San Diego and across the country are walking out of their classrooms for 17 minutes today at 10 am local time to demonstrate their concern about school shootings, gun violence and how to stop it.

Before what happened at that high school in Florida on Valentine’s Day, there had been dozens and dozens and dozens of school shootings over the last 20 years.

But not until now has there been the kind of activism and effort to do something to stop school shootings like there is today.  And that’s because of the kids, teens and young people who are now doing something instead of not doing anything about it.

Sadly…nothing is exactly what has been done about school shootings over the years.  Nothing anyway that has worked.  

It has taken the voices and the cries of these kids and young people in Florida and around the country for there to finally be serious talk about doing something to stop a problem that we didn’t have to worry about when we parents and grandparents were their age.

You just have to hope that our political leaders, in both parties, learn from these kids and finally start acting like adults…and do something about it.

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