WATCH: A Memorable Message from March Madness

If you are taking part in the March Madness with are bracket, you likely return to the office this morning with a busted one.  

Unless you’re one of those people at the office who know absolutely nothing about basketball, just close your eyes and point to a team name and pick them to fill out your bracket.

The first weekend of the annual  NCAA college basketball tournament include five major upsets.  The biggest upset being the biggest one ever, in the history of March Madness as a 16th seeded team from Baltimore County Maryland beat the #1 seed in the entire tournament, Virginia. 

No one saw that one coming and why should they; the odds were absolutely positively hugely against it.  It had never happened before.

There have been lots of Cinderella teams before but never before like this one.  The upset by UMBC was Cinderella on steroids.

But it all goes to prove of course that sometimes, the seemingly impossible happens.

The players and fans at UMBC will never forget It. And the players and fans in Virginia certainly will never forget it

But Tony Bennett, the head coach of Virginia, had words for his team after the historic loss…and for all of us

“This is life”, he said, “but you can’t let it define you. You enjoy the good times and you gotta be able to take the bad times.”

Memorable words after a memorable weekend.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

Historic Virginia Loss to UMBC  Getty Images


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