Protest Planned After Controversial Police Rewards Program

A protest is planned for Monday night after a program within the San Diego Police Department came to light, offering rewards to officers for making drug arrests. However, Police Chief David Nisleit says the plan was never implemented, nor would he allow it, and SDPD has launched an internal investigation into the planned program.   

The protest stems from an email sent out March 9 to officers in the department's southern division detailing an incentive program aimed agettt motivating officers to make drug arrests. The email was made public after an unnamed officer reported it to the media. 

At a news conference on Friday Nisleit disavowed the program, saying it was never authorized, never implemented and was never intended to target a specific race or socioeconomic class. The chief promised to find out how and why the email was sent out.

Organizers of the protest say, even the the program never took effect, they want to know why the email was sent out in the first place, and how officers aren't aware of approval protocols. The protest is planned for 6:00p.m. at the department's southern division at 1120 27th Street.

File Photo Credit: Getty Images 


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