Dealing with the Danger in Austin Texas

You imagine what it must be like in Austin Texas right now?

With four package bombs having gone off this month in the capital city of Texas and now the explosion of a 5th one in the San Antonio area involving a package apparently on its way to Austin?

Two people have died and at least four injured with no apparent pattern or motive, just random packages in front of homes

And so far no signs of the evil person or persons responsible for the bombings.  And cops say they don’t know why they’re doing it.

Hundreds of local, state and federal law enforcement officers are spread around the Austin area.  More than 100-thousand dollars in reward money being offered for information.

We’re told that daily life in the Austin area has changed...  Everyone is being told to be more aware of their surroundings the moment they step out of their homes.

School kids are being told by parents and teachers to watch for any suspicious packages and what to do if they see any.  Some people are just staying in their homes.

With a big golf tournament getting underway this week in Austin, bringing the top golfers in the world to the city, there is extra security now there too.

Police have publicly sent a message they say to the one or ones who are setting and leaving these package bombs.    Hoping they come forward or at least send a signal that might lead the cops to them.

They will be found and hopefully very soon. And no matter what the motive for these evil acts, they have rattled the people who live in Austin and should be called a terrorist act no matter what the reason for the attacks turn out to be.

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Austin Texas Package Bombings  Getty Images


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