Why We Complain About the Weather Anyway

You know the old saying about the weather; you can complain about it but you can’t do anything about it.

Whether it’s heavy rain, flooding and mudslides in Southern California, a foot of snow in the Northeast, tornadoes in the South or a deep freeze in the Upper Midwest, weather can be something to certainly complain about.

Especially when we have plans. We want to be able to plan plans, make plan s and carry out our plans and we don’t like it when bad weather gets in the way.

But we usually are forced to change our plans when the weather changes because as much as we wish we could, we can’t change the weather.

And those changes in plans can change when the forecasts about the weather change.  While we know that predicting the weather is not an exact science, we want it to be. 

Meteorologists do a great job but meteorologists don’t really predict the weather. they forecast the weather.  That’s why they use percentages for everything, a 20 percent chance of this, a 50 percent chance of that and at times, they become confident enough to say 100 percent chance of something.

The absolutely only thing that is certain about the weather is that it is unpredictable and you can’t be absolutely certain about what will happen for sure.

Even here in San Diego, where the annual weather is rated as among the best anywhere, a lot of us still complain about the weather, because we either don’t want it to change or we get tired of it being the same and like it when it changes. 

You see, when it comes to the weather, it’s hard to make everyone happy, even here in America’s Finest Weather city.

San Diego storm  Getty Images


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