Is America's Finest City America's Best Place to Live?

Where are the best places to live in America?  U.S News & World Report is out with its list of the top 125 cities in the country.

How did they rank them?  It was based on these factors:  the job market, affordability or value, the quality of life which includes things like crime and health care, the desirability of each city, in other words where do people say they would like to live, and the final category was the net migration, the number of people moving to a city vs the number of people moving out of the city.

Before revealing where San Diego ranks on the list, here are the top 10 places to live according to US News & World Report:

Austin Texas

Colorado Springs

Denver Colorado

Des Moines Iowa

Fayetteville Arkansas

Portland Oregon

Huntsville Alabama

Washington D.C.

Minneapolis Minnesota

Seattle Washington

As for San Diego, we were ranked 30th.   Not surprisingly, the US News & World Report said living in San Diego is not particularly affordable with home prices considerably higher than the national median but they say San Diegans are willing to pay the price of enjoying a year-round temperate climate and impressive beaches as well as lots of things to do.  

And…most of all…we beat L-A, which was ranked near the bottom of the list of best places to live. But then living in San Diego, we know that.  

See the whole list.

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San Diego Sunset  Getty Images

San Diego Sunset Getty Images