What Made a Chula Vista Runner a Champion?

It’s been said that a fun run is an oxymoron, that describing running a few miles or more is not what most people would call fun.

That saying came to mind this week when Hilltop High School Chula Vista native Desiree Linden won the women’s race at the Boston Marathon to become the first American to do that since 1985.

Getting to the finish line first among all the women runners while running in weather conditions that some called among the worst in the history of the Boston marathon….a cold and blustery rainstorm may not have been something fun, but winning may have been more satisfying for Desiree than even she may have imagined.

She’s run pretty much all her life and has run in Olympic trials and the Boston marathon before and has always come close, sometimes very close, but not until now can she call herself a Boston Marathon champion.

So what makes a champion out of someone like Desiree? A 5-foot-2 100 pound 34 year old, an age at which the chances of winning the Boston Marathon would appear to be fading.

But you get an understanding when you read some of quotes as reported in the San Diego Union Tribune.

“I love competing,” she said.  “I decided to just focus on the mile I was on”, she said.  “I just kept plugging away,” she said.

The words of Boston Marathon champion Desiree Linden.  What great advice for achieving almost anything you want to achieve.

(Photo credit Getty Images)

Desiree Linden 2018 Boston Marathon winner  Getty Images

Desiree Linden 2018 Boston Marathon winner Getty Images