What Former First Lady Barbara Bush Meant to Politics

Former First Lady Barbara Bush is being remembered by many people in and out of politics as one of the most admired of Presidential wives in modern times.

Polls taken during George H. Walker Bush’s presidency consistently had her at or near the top of most admired women in the public eye.  She wasn’t glamourous like a Jackie Kennedy.  She wasn’t an activist like a Michelle Obama.  She wasn’t as gentle as her own daughter in law Laura Bush.

Having had a chance to talk once with her youngest son Marvin Bush, about his work to help others with an intestinal disease that he and I shared, it was easy to detect Barbara Bush’s impact on her whole family.

In interviews, Barbara Bush would describe herself as the enforcer in the Bush clan. She defended and looked after the best interests of her husband and their children like a mother bear that doesn’t put up with anyone attacking her family.

And she wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, but always in a way that didn’t come across as an attack on someone else but a defender of those who were being unfairly attacked.

San Diego’s Julie Meier Wright, who’s been involved in public service and politics for years, told the San Diego Union Tribune that Barbara Bush was classy and very popular.  And added this:  “There is a dignity in the Bush family that is all too rare in politics today.”

And the person who was very possibly most responsible for that was former First Lady Barbara Bush.

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Listen below for a Fox News Special on the life and legacy of Barbara Bush, hosted by Gurnal Scott

Barbara and President George H.W. Bush  Getty Images

Barbara and President George H.W. Bush Getty Images