A Question About Our Environment

Living in San Diego means we live in a community with beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, a wide open ocean and lots of open space compared to other big cities.

So when Earth Day was celebrated in Balboa Park this weekend, it was a day to think about and support the environment and the world in which we live.

A comment from a reader at the San Diego Union Tribune put it this way:

“We are lucky to enjoy clean air, water, beaches and communities.”  And they added, “Most people, no matter their politics, believe we are stewards of this beautiful planet with an obligation to protect it.”

Most people would probably agree that most people do believe we should care for the world in which we live.  Whether we believe in the Creator who gave us the task of caring for the world that was created for us or whether we just believe that if we don’t care for the world around us, it will not be the world we want it to be.

We do all want to live in a world with clean air, safe water, a healthy environment and beautiful scenery to enjoy.

But the question that comes up on a day like Earth Day is whether we want it enough to do what has to be done to have it.

Even in our country that has less pollution and environmental hazards than a lot of other countries around the world, there are plenty of things that need attention, from the river and ocean sewage in our South Bay to the litter and garbage on some of our beaches and highways.

Some of these things are things that each of us can do something about. Others are things that government and business have to do something about.

But when it comes to the created world around us, we should all want to do something about it.

San Diego Beaches  Getty Images

San Diego Beaches Getty Images