Border Officials Reach Capacity Processing Asylum Seekers

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials say they reached capacity late Sunday for processing the asylum seekers from Central America who were part of a caravan from Mexico's southern border that originally began with more than a thousand people a month ago.

As the people who say they are refugees from violence and threats in their home countries gathered on the Mexican side of the San Ysidro Port of Entry, some supporters from San Diego and L-A gathered on the U.S side of the fence that reaches out into the Pacific Ocean.

At the border agents stopped the caravan saying they were at capacity. Members of the group say there's about 20 people waiting at the door for their turn, and the rest of the group waiting in Mexico.

The port of entry is a 24 hour operation, and will be open overnight to process people wanting to come through the border.

"A lot of them get detained, some of them not, that’s the next step, it’s case by case," Alor Calderon, Director of Employer Rights Center said. He added that his role at the border was an "observer" to ensure the migrants are being processed fairly and appropriately.

He said those in the caravan understand they could end up in a detention facility, and they're okay with it, "Yes because they’re they’re escaping what they feel is death and escaping what they think is a life without possibilities."

(Photo 10News)

Supporters of Central American Refugees San Ysidro Port  of Entry  Getty Images


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