How to Pay Less for Gas

If you’re in favor of the gas tax repeal that looks like it will easily qualify for the November ballot, you’re probably a little happier now that the nearly one million petitions have been turned in.

But the gas tax repeal will face a tough fight in the fall led by California Governor Jerry Brown who has already started campaigning against the measure.

Meantime, the price of gas keeps going up with the average price in San Diego County right now at just under 3.70 a gallon.  And there are signs it will go up more before it levels off.  At least we hope it levels off.

So what do you do about it?, a website that tracks gas prices has some recommendations for you if you want to save some gas money.

The folks at Gas Buddy say a lot of consumers pay more for gas than they have to and they blame it on such things as laziness and procrastination.

They say almost 80 percent of drivers say they regularly fill up at one gas station with many of them saying they do it because it’s convenient or it’s easier to get in and out quickly.

But GasBuddy says you should shop around for the cheapest prices for gas.  A gas station with cheaper prices is usually just a short distance away or maybe just along a slightly different route;

They also urge you not to wait till you’re close to empty to look for gas which may force you to pull into a gas station with higher prices.

All good advice. Especially when you remember that even if the gas tax repeal passes, prices for gas in California will still be high.

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