Drug-Sniffing Dogs Could Face Euthanasia If Illinois Legalizes Pot

An officer who runs a police K-9 academy in Illinois says if the state legalizes marijuana, the police may be forced to euthanize drug-sniffing dogs. 

The problem, according to director Chad Larner, is that the dogs can't really be re-trained and are not socialized to be good pets.  

A drug-sniffing dog re-trained as a bomb-sniffing dog might be prone to false alerts. 

Advocates for legal marijuana called the comments "scare tactics" meant to turn the public against legalization. 

Other officers say the decommissioned K-9's would likely be adopted by their handlers. 

In November, Illinois voters will cast a vote on whether or not they support legalizing recreational marijuana in the state.   

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Photo Credit: Getty Images

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