Lyft and Camp Pendleton Team Up For Easier Rides On and Off Base

Lyft is making it easier from people to get to and from Camp Pendleton. The ride share company is unveiling a program called "Base Mode," which will allow select drivers to have access to the base. It goes into effect Friday.

It's the first demonstration of its kind, and the company says it will introduce Lyft as both a transit solution and an economic opportunity for more than 85,000 military and civilian personnel, Marines, Sailors, and their families.

According to the company, "the demonstration will provide inexpensive and convenient transportation options along with flexible employment opportunities for the military community. The introduction of Lyft as a transit solution can help alleviate the need for personal car ownership, which is currently the number one cost for military families. Additionally, the base will explore leveraging Lyft for business rides to replace fleet vehicles - reducing costs and improving progress towards the Marine Corps’ energy and vehicle utilization goals."

They also say, "the demonstration includes a revenue sharing model between Lyft and the military, which will invest a portion of revenue into recreation programs designed to support and strengthen the Marine Corps community."

Lyft is also rolling out the program at Fort Meade in Maryland.

Photo Credit: Getty Images 

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