Man Calls Cops to Say He Was Being Followed by a Pig

It's not the kind of call for help police departments are used to getting.  

But police in North Ridgeville Montana got a call the other day from a man who said he was being a pig.

That's right a pig.  The guy said a “random pig” was following him about 5:30 in the morning.  The police dispatcher admitted they were a bit skeptical and thought the guy might be drunk...but he told her the pig wouldn't leave him alone.  So she told him she would send an officer there.

When the officer got there, he found the pig and the man.  He was sober but worried about the animal. The cop put the pig in his patrol car and it was later returned to its owner. 

So if you ever visit North Ridgeville Montana, don't be surprised to have someone tell you the story about a man, a pig and the police.


Montana pig followed man   North Ridgeville Police Dept.

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