Watch Crayfish Sacrifice Claw To Escape Pot of Hot Soup

One crafty crayfish in China was able to buy itself a little more time on the planet by chopping off its own claw to escape from a pot of hot soup. 

The video of the crayfish, which was initially posted on the Chinese social site Weibo, shows it struggling to back itself out of a boiling pot before realizing a sacrifice would be in order. The crayfish then lopped off his claw to escape the bowl. 

There's a happy ending to the story. Not only has the crayfish become an internet celebrity with the video being viewed more than a million times but the person who posted it says he took the little guy home to keep it as a pet. 

Crayfish has apparently has gained popularity in China in recent years. One report says China produces more crayfish than any other nation in the world. 

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