Why Politicians Do What They Do

California’s primary election is tomorrow.

That means all the candidates are making last minute appearances and speeches, traveling from here to there, walking neighborhoods and doing all they can to get their message out before voters who haven’t voted early head to the polls tomorrow.

Election Day of course is the end of months or even years of very long days and very tiring nights that go into a political campaign.

During it all, candidates have to answer tough questions or at least come up with ways to answer them when asked by voters and the media.

And they have to take a lot of criticism, and attacks in campaign ads by their opponents.

And when it’s all over and the election returns are all in, there are some who win and some who lose.  And in this election, the ones who finish in 1st or 2nd place earn the right to begin the grueling process all over again for the big election in November.

And just think of the impact running for office can have on your family…who may not see all that much during a campaign.

So, why they do it?  Why do politicians want to be politicians and why are they willing to put themselves through all of this? 

Most of them will tell you it’s because they want to make a difference.  But a lot of people want to do that and they don’t run for political office.

What inside them drives politicians to be politicians?  Is it ego? Is it a love of self?  Is it insecurity?  Or is it a fierce competitive nature? 

Whatever it is, if we really could know why someone will do what they have to do to win a political office it could help us know how they will really do in that office.

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California Primary Election  Getty Images

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