Yeah, Bill, Ya DO Owe Her an Apology

We had an interesting conversation in the News Center this morning, and, as in life, opinions differed greatly on this topic. 

Three of us lived through the Lewinsky scandal, and watched the whole sordid thing unfold. 

We watched the most powerful man in the world lie about "that woman." 

And then we watched him 'fess -up. 

Ted and I have a MUCH different take on Bill, and Monica. 

I say, she was a 22 year old idiot, and at 22 we are ALL idiots. Yeah, we are of-age. Doesn't make us mature adults capable of thinking things through. 

Monica Lewinsky made some really bad choices, and, as a consequence, her name became synonymous with a sex act. She was a pawn in a political game. 

She has paid, enough, I think. 

Ted's opinion differs. Ted believes she was a consenting adult, and as such, she has to deal with the fall-out, of a choice she willingly made. Let me be clear, Ted is not excusing either of them.  

I see his point, but I stand by my assertion that at 22 you are not yet fully-formed. 

Murderers at age 22 have had their crimes "forgotten" by the time they are 40. 

Monica is forever, "That girl."  

That brings us to this: Bill got put in a corner over #MeToo, and he reacted...poorly.

When asked if he had apologized, he said yes. But not, of course, TO her. And he sure as Hell should. 

She has taken responsibility for what she did. And she has paid dearly for the transgression. He says was 17 million in debt because of all the legal back-and-forth. Boo hoo. I am pretty sure he has made that back, and then some. 

She got to pay...and pay...and pay...and pay...and pay. 

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