The Countdown is Underway for the Showdown in November

So now it’s on to November.  Tuesday’s primary in California was just round one in this election year.

In early November comes the knock out round, when those who finished 1-2 in most political candidate races this week, battle it out to be the final winner.

The election on November 6th will be a huge election, locally, statewide and nationwide.

In San Diego, voters will decide not only on important city council and supervisor races and important races for Governor and state legislature and the future of California, but also in Congress that could determine the future of President Trump’s future.

But also on the ballot in November will be important state and local propositions, lots of them and some big ones.

The effort to get rid of the law that brought us a gas tax and vehicle registration fee increase is only one.

The big ones in San Diego could determine the fate of what happens in Mission Valley and what happens at San Diego’s largest university and what happens to our roads and streets, the growing homeless problem and the future of the local tourism economy.

That’s because voters will be deciding on a measure to raise hotel taxes in the city to pay for an expanded convention center, road repairs and funds to help homeless get off the street and into places to live.

And voters will decide what the site of the 51 year old structure we call SDCCU stadium will look like in the years to come.

The November election is just 5 months away.  Get ready for lots of political ads and lots of news stories.  And get ready to do your homework.

Stadium in Mission Valley  Getty Images

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