A Difference Over Trade Between San Diego and Washington

While President Trump will be on the world stage this weekend, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer will be on the national stage.

The President is meeting in Quebec with the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom at what they call the G-7 summit, the Mayor is meeting with the leaders of all the major U.S cities at the annual Conference of Mayors in Boston.

The President’s meeting with the leaders of the other countries in the world with the largest economies is very important what with his battles over what could become a trade war; part of what President Trump calls his America First foreign policy.

The Mayor’s meeting with the nation’s other mayors is also very important because he’s also talking about trade.  

But not a trade war. Instead, a trade alliance, with Mayor Faulconer heading up a new alliance between U.S mayors and their counterparts in Canada and Mexico, to increase trade and cooperation among our foreign neighbors.

San Diego’s mayor is leading this new alliance because of his success in forming partnerships with Tijuana and other Mexican border cities that help San Diego be a leader among cities.

So two leaders and two meetings. One on the world stage. One on the national stage.  So what will happen by the time the final curtain falls?  Stay tuned.

(Photo credit 10News, Getty Images)

President Trump  Getty Images
Mayor Kevin Faulconer 10News

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