How Will Neighborhoods React to San Diego's Neighborhood Budget?

If you make up a budget for your family, you know that you have to make some hard decisions about what to spend more money on and what to spend less money on.

Mayor Faulconer and the San Diego City Council just did their budget for the fiscal year that begins July 1st. ….and they too had to make decisions on what to spend more money on and what to spend less money on.

If you live in the city of San Diego and you had the make up the annual budget for the city, which is about one and a half billion dollars, you probably would have some ideas that would be at least a little different than someone else's ideas, maybe even your own next door neighbor.

Mayor Faulconer says the city’s new budget puts neighborhoods first, increasing money spent on things such as street repair, sidewalks, parks projects and building upgrades along with spending more on homelessness, and illegal dumping as well as on trimming trees, getting rid of graffiti, clearing brush and making libraries more secure.

All things most neighborhoods in San Diego probably want.  

But not everyone was happy, with some wanting more money spent on new housing projects and on the climate action plan.

Of course, no budget for any city will please everyone.  Some neighborhoods may end up being happier about it than other neighborhoods.  Even about a new city of San Diego budget like this one that ”puts neighborhoods first”.

(Photo credit C.E. Albert)

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