Look, I get it, public restrooms are a hassle. Apparently you have to monitor them, so people don't just take them over...or use drugs...or use them for prostitution. You know what it beats? 

Feces in doorways. 

In my neighborhood this weekend, there were not one, but two doorways, into two different businesses, on two different days, with piles of human poo. And I mean PILES. This cannot be overstated. 

It. Was. Disgusting. 

Both business owners faced haz-mat situations when they opened. One of them, I saw gagging while photographing the "evidence."

I am sure that there is someone to call, but I have no idea who it is. 

I am also sure, that you don't just dive in with some gloves and try to take care of it. I imagine, there are procedures. 

I have no idea what they are. I wouldn't approach that noxious stuff with anything less than a full-body condom and a breathing machine. 

Here is what I do know. 

Human feces are a tremendous vector for disease, (Hep A, anyone?)

They are NOT what you want to see, or smell, as you head in for lunch. 

Or as you walk down the sidewalk. 

So come up with a solution, San Diego...or stop mocking San Fransisco for it's poo problem. 

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