Why the Waiting at DMV is Longer

If you’ve been to a DMV office here in California lately, then you know what it’s been like.  

Waiting times are up, in some cases way up.  People are spending several hours waiting in line and going from this point to that point to get done what they need to get done.

So why are the waits at the DMV field offices now so long?

According to a report in the Sacramento Bee, the DMV has been making some major changes this year and it’s taking longer to make them and make them work and taking longer for DMV employees to learn them.

One of the big changes is that the state this year began issuing the federally-required REAL ID cards, These REAL ID cards are driver’s licenses that will serve as identification at TSA security checkpoints for all domestic flights starting in October 2020.

And they are bringing thousands of more people to DMV offices around the state.  

The Sacramento Bee report says the DMV also has changed its numbering system for waiting and DMV employees in some offices are having to go through new training. 

How do you avoid the long waits?  The DMV recommends you go on line or call and make an appointment but some people are reporting two hour wait times on the phone for that.   

The DMV says don’t wait till you get your driver’s license renewal notice in the mail but make an appointment 90 days ahead of your birthday. But that still doesn’t guarantee you won’t have to wait for a while.

The DMV says things will get better, but then we probably shouldn’t be surprised if we have to wait to see it.

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