The Rising Cost of California Keeps Rising

Two more signs this week of why more people may be thinking of moving to Texas or other states where it’s cheaper to live.

The first of what will be annual reports on how San Diego is doing to create more affordable housing came out this week and while not surprising, it was still disappointing.

It showed that 70 percent of moderate income households can’t afford to own the median priced home in San Diego which is now at just over 600-thousand dollars.  And at the same time, rental rates have gone up by almost 35 percent over the last four years.

And now comes a reminder about the rising costs of water bills in San Diego.

It hit home this week when yet another popular golf course in San Diego announced it was closing.  The owner of the Carmel Mountain Ranch course saying “Our golf course operation has been hit by water rates that have doubled in less than 10 years.”

In the Union Tribune story on the golf course closing, they point out that the price for water in the city of San Diego has continued to skyrocket, with increases totaling more than 33 percent beginning in 2016…and a seven percent increase is coming next year.

And then of course there are the rising gas prices we’ve seen this year. Again.  

Politicians in San Diego and across the state talk a lot about the cost of living in California being an important issue and not letting it be a reason for people to flee the state.  There’s a lot of work to be done.

(Photo credit CE Albert)

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