Why Can't We Solve the Immigration Issue?

The most controversial political issue right now is probably the issue of what to do about immigration.

The president had helped make it that way going back to the start of his campaign.  But what to do about immigration has been a hot issue for decades, through the Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama presidencies as well.

And for at least that long Congress has been unable to come up with an answer to what to do about immigration that everyone can agree on, no matter whether Democrats or Republicans are in control of Congress.

So will an agreement about what to do about immigration ever come.

Surprising to some maybe, but a brand new Gallup Poll found that a record high 75-percent of Americans, including majorities in all political parties, say they think immigration is a good thing for the United States.  And maybe surprising again, the Gallup Poll survey found that 65 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independent voters agree.

So if that’s true, and Gallup Polls have always been seen as among the most reliable for many decades, then why is it that our political leaders in both parties are having such a difficult time ever coming up with an answer to the problem of what to do about immigration that 75 percent of Americans say they think is a good thing?

Even with different people having different ideas on what to do about immigration, and one person’s good idea for solving it being a bad idea for another person, it would seem logical to expect that there is a way to find a fair and just way to do something about immigration.

The founders of our country had a lot of disagreements over the Constitution but they found a way to hash it out and find common ground.  Maybe we should look to the past for answers to the future!

See complete results from Gallup Poll.

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