We Need More Cancer Docs Like HIM

Sometimes you do an interview and you get a real feel for the kind of person on the other end. You can tell the frauds from the real deal. 

You can tell when someone really doesn't want to talk to you, but their publicist is making them. 

You can sometimes even feel the hostility crackling through the line. When that happens, you are usually baffled, since you really don't know the person on the other end. 

Not this guy. 

Dr. Steven Curley was one of the most empathetic subjects I have ever interviewed. He is an oncologist, so he deals with the big bad: Cancer. 

I have met a few doctors in my life that I wanted to smack sideways. They had the bedside manner of Machiavelli, and a serious stick in their...you know. 

I guess it takes a certain amount of ego to become someone who can cut into another person without trying to kill them. I get it. 

But I don't have to like that type. 

Dr. Curley is exactly the kind of doctor you want on one of your worst days. He is gentle, kind, and sees you as a human person. He understands that this is awful, and he wants to help. 

Read his blog, here, and tell me what you think. 

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